Meilleure réponse !
Le mot 'pacte' n'a aucun rapport... ton prof devait être fatigué..
Enfin voici le texte, j'espère qu'il te plaira. :)

I feel now is the time to take resolutions! I have done a list...

(petite pause orale, respire et fonce!)

I promise to clean my room more often.
I promise to work harder in school.
I promise to start saving up my money.
I promise to get more open-minded.
I promise to eat more vegetables, and less sweets.

(petite pause orale)

I hope to spend more time outside.
I hope to improve my soccer skills.
I hope to make more friends.
I hope to start taking cooking classes, because I suck at cooking.
I hope to to spend more time with my dad.

(petite pause orale)

If I get my driving license, I promise I will be careful on the road (unlike my friends!).
If I get a summer job, I promise to always be there on time.

(petite pause orale)
I will never smoke.
I will never try drugs.