Salut à tous, j'un dialogue d'Anglais qui doit durer entre 5 et 10 minutes à faire sur un conflit/ problème, mon thème c'est la religion. Une jeune fille est harcelée à propos de ça et le raconte à sa mère. J'aurai bien avoir une petite correction si j'ai fait des erreurs.

Mom: " What's going on ? "

Sarah: " " Nothing ! "

Mom: " I don't believe you ! "

Sarah: " I said nothing, leave me alone !"

Mom: " I don't cry and tell me everything "

Sarah: " I didn't fell good and you know why, think carefully about me "

Mom: " Oh no ... It's again about our religion Jewish I suppose ...

Sarah: " Yes again, it's far more serious this time. I am exhausted. I am being harassed mom.

Mom: " You should me the truth before. What we going to do now ? At this point, this is not an easy task ..."

Sarah:" I try ... I swear it's the truth. It isn't easy to hear ... You don't understand ! The spiral of violence will never stop ! "

Mom: "Violence ?! They hit you my daughter ?"

Sarah: " Yes, they hit me and lent my arms behind my back in the toilets. I was slapped several times. "

Mom: " But ... Sarah ... It is insustainable to hear ! "

Sarah: " They mocked of my nose with posters of rats and also for my hat. You want to hear the truth, it's done

Mom: We will see the principal now !



Lige 5: tu peut mettre: " please don't cry... sit down and tell me everything."
ligne 6: " I feel bad! You know why! Don't you remember that I had a problem since last year?"
ligne7 : "Oh no! It's beacause we're Jewish?"
ligne 9: "You should told me before! What are we doing now? At this point it's not easy to change your religion."
ligne 10: " I've been trying... I swear! That's the truth. But i'ts not easy!  They don't care! they punch me like there is no tomorrow!"
ligne 11: "They punch you??!!"
ligne 12:" Yes! A lot! they punch me and lent my arms behind my back in the toilets!"
ligne 13: "But.. Sarah... that's unbelievable!"
ligne 14: "They make fun of my nose comparing it to a rat's nose... Thats why Im' crying! You wanted to hear the truth, and here you have it!"
ligne 15: " I can't believe that the school don't knows about this! We are going to the principal's office right know!"