Meilleure réponse !
Coucou !!!!!

So, monday mornings  lukas has biology, physics and 2 hours permanently
Afternoon he one hour maths.
Thuesday mornings it has two hours of maths and chemistry
Afternoon he has 2 hours of physical
Wednesday mornings it has 2 hours of permanently and 2 hours of biology
Afternoon it has 2 hours of games
Thursday mornings he has two hours of chemisty and 2 hours of physical
Afternoon he has nothing
Friday mornings he has 2 hours of maths, 1 hour of physics and 1 hour of biology
Afternoon he has 1 hour of biology 
And maybe Lukas goes to the canteen every lunchtime !!!!!!!

Voila si tu pouvais me dire merci sue mon profil ça serait gentil !!!!! :)