Aidez-moi svp c'est très urgent !!!

Bonjour, je dois faire un exposé d'anglais sur lequel je dois tenir environ 1-2 minutes. Le problème est que je ne trouve pas de sujets et je n'arrive pas à bien formuler avec des phrases simples et comprehensibles par les autres. Merci de m'aider.



Meilleure réponse !
Japan is in Asia. It is a very rich country. There are over 100 million inhabitants!
Japan's flag is white, with a bright red circle in the middle. It's beautiful!
The official language in Japan is Japanese. It is very complicated.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a very large city!

The national sport in Japan is Sumo. Other popular sports are Karate, Jujutsu and Judo.

There a over 200 volcanoes in Japan. There are often earthquakes and tsunamis.

Rice is a very popular meal in Japan. It is common to have rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Other popular meals are sushis, donburis and onigiris.

Video games are very popular in Japan. People of all ages are addicted!
Do you know Nintendo and Sony? They are both Japanese companies!
"If they don't start making more babies today, their total population will highly decrease soon." est une phrase très compliqué.
(rajoute ceci) Most people in Japan live in appartements. Japan is a very small country, but there are a lot of people! The streets are also very small. Most people travel by train or by bicycle.
C'est pas très compliqué.. ça veut dire ''S'ils ne commencent pas â faire des bébés bientôt, leur population totale va beaucoup diminuer!'' Mais si tu veux, tu peux dire ''Japanese people should make more babies or their population will become small.''
D'accord je vais essayer de me chronometrer et je te redis ! Merci beaucoup au passage !
C'est bon ! Merci beaucoup !!