Note : J'ai écrit ça ce matin, bonne chance pour ton devoir! :)

I woke up on a sudden.
I sat on my bed, trying to catch my breath. My skin was sweaty and my troat, burning from thirst. Tears were softly leaking from my eyes, rolling on my cheeks and falling to the ground : why was I crying? I couldn't stop myself.
The thirst was so painful I quickly went downstairs, to the kitchen. As soon as I arrived, my eyes slipped to the clock - it was 6am! I wasn't supposed to get up before 8am, but.. why was it so dark? I looked outside. The moon was up in the middle of the sky, like if it was midnight. Worried, I poured water into a cup and slowly walked back to my room.
Sitting on my bed, I drank. And drank. But my eyes started crying even more. And more, soon like a waterfall. I screamed in my panic, running in the stairs to reach the kitchen's phone as fast as possible. But I was going so fast I fell, my head banging on the wooden stairs...

I woke up on a sudden.
merci beaucoup (:
pourrais tu me dire ce que ton histoire veut dire en français stp