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Once upon a time, Before sleeping I went to eat dinner I said goodnight to my parents and I went to my bed. I closed my eyes and I dreamed a nice dream . I will tell you the story. I dreamed that I went to a magic place where there all kinds of magic animals with different colors like: unicorns etc.. and there is always rainbows in every morning shining with sumptuous colors : red, green, orange there is all kinds of sweets and its so delicious even the people who was there were so kind they help you. I was so happy I saw my friend in the shape of magic animals. My best friend Alexia was there was there we were playing with each other and we were having fun oh! what a great life! In the night we saw the moon with different colors shining in the sky. It was awesome! I went a trip with the magic animals to the space and we saw the Aliens they gave us what to eat because we were so hungry. The Aliens are green colors we went after back to our magic town and we discovered also so many things they were all constructed with sweets you can even eat them. I just can t imagine It was a paradise. When I woke up I said Hi to my parents and I went to the school I told my friends about this dream and they wish if it happens in real life. So we all said ' WISH THAT THE MAGIC LIFE WILL COME ONE DAY'

derien lis le et dis moi si tu ne comprends pas du vocabulaire n hesite pas
D'accord :)
j'ai tout compris sauf ´´unicorns". :)
unicorns veut dire les unicorn ce sont les chevaux magiques qui ont une corne
tu les vois dans les dessins animees non? tu peux taper sur internet unicorne et tu trouveras