Bonjour, J'aurais besoin qu'on traduise ces phrases C'EST URGENT

7 the manager he was talking to seemed in a bad mood
8 he hopes working in a developing country
la 6 ce n'est pas talking about mais talking TO
9 he couldn't work there at once / He didn't want to work there at once
12 in fact , I am convinced he won't have any difficulties


1  He rings me up everyday
2  I think that he rings me up everyday
3  When he has got a little time he rings me up systematically
4  He rings me up more and more when he thinks of it
5  the café where he rings me up from sounds noisy
6   the manager he was talking to was in a bad mood
7   the holidays I am often dreaming about would be possible
8   he thinks of working in a developing country
9  voir 9 10 11 12 plus haut dans les commantaires
13  however I think it's not the first time
14  I don't know whether you agree with me