barbara is a company manager and a succesful mother , she is being interviewed about the best ways to juggle her career and her children.
she spoke about her experience and the importance of women's works.
enact the interview between Barbara and the journaliste .

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- During the day how you made for combine your job and your private life ?
- It's easy I go to my job early the morning to find my children the afternoon, my children are very important for me. They are my source of inspiration for the modeling. If I fight in modeling it's for them.
- So you are a wonderful model and a exceptional mother for your child's... and what think your child's of their mother and his job ?    
- Oh my child's are really happy to see their mother in the catwalk or in the magazine. Their happiness make my happiness, they count's enormously for my.
- Career of models stop early, yes or no ? 
- Yes, on average the career stop to fourteen years old
- In the future, what you want make in your career ?
- For my career, I want pose for the most popular designers in the world, It's so important for my future because a model must try all styles before the end of her career.
- Thanks you Barbara for this interview, you are a exceptional person
- Oh thanks you