Hello, essay writing, help me please.. Un peu d'aide svp.. Comment formulez les phrases, comment construire, par quoi commencer, ect.. Merci ! :)

pcq j'ai 10pts
nn mais en haut de ta reponse, y a écris 1 réponse ? Et à côté de 1 réponse, est-ce que y a écrit 1 répond..?
jcp ta choisi qui?
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Tu commence par dire ou tu vas partir quand la date exacte si sa te plait que se que tu vas faire la bas .
si tu vas faire du camping ou de la tante ou tu vas prendre l'avion ou pas si tu vas passer des bonne vacances et tout ou sinon tu demande a tes parents :)
c simple non?!?!!!
Ouais j'ai dis que j'irai à l'île d'Oleron avec Mon père, j'irai me baigner, j'aimerai faire ceci, ect
During the summer holidays I will go with my parents to Oleron Island.

I  will  pick up shells and my father will fish. But after wars I would like to swim and sun bathe and have some rest on the warm sand.

We will stay at a hotel and I will have the opportunity to have a lie.and not get up before 10 a.m. Then we'll have a big bruncg before going sightseeing. I will admire the beautiful sea with its big waves. Sometimes we will go sailing.My father has got a boat driving licence. It'll be great fun.
In the evenings we will have a big barbecue with friends and my mother will grill the fish my father got. Hum, my mouth is watering when I think of it!

in the afternoons I will go cycling if the sun isn't too hot otherwise I will have a small nap and I will relax.
During the evenings I wish my parents allowed me to go to discos with friends.

Iguess we'll have great fun!