Salut. Je voudrais savoir si il y a des fautes dans mon texte. Merci

Renewable energy, a viable solution

Before to explain you what is the organization I belong, I'll give you a little reminder of the exact definition of renewable energy. Renewable energy is any energy source that is naturally replenished, like that derived from solar, wind, geothermal or hydroelectric action. Energy produced from the refining of biomass is also often classified as renewable. Coal, oil or natural gas, on the other hand, are finite sources. I am part of an organization who privileged renewable energy and don’t know non-renewable energy that pollute the earth too. Our goal is to run a Madagascan entire village with renewable enegy using wind turbines and solar panels. For this, we must meet up to donors to make a big profit. And based on earnings, we evaluate how many windmills and solar panels we can buy. We can then choose a village with a population rate adapted. We choose a Madagascan village because it was my father who created the organization and wants to help his country to fight against poverty by starting provide an inexhaustible energy that can be used at will. So I hope you enjoy the concept and you are ready to give us any money or to volunteer for the organization of the project. Make aware your family, make aware your friends, make aware your neighbor about our beautiful project.

I count on you comrades!



Normalement il n'y a aucune faute ;)
Merci mais vous êtes sur que l'on dit make aware your family et non pas make your family aware?