Urgent devoir anglais
voici le devoir: raconter ses vacance de Pâques en anglais

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cool cest bien alors
dis moi t'est phrases en message et je te les fais :)
I went to the beach. I ate a chocolate. I saw my friends the first week and we went to the cinema. I met a new friends on the city and I rode a horse. I played a badminton with my mother and we went to the swimming pool


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During Easter Holidays, I had great fun. We WENT to my grand parents' . IFOUND there all my cousins , aunts and uncles. It WAS so wonderful to meet agian.
With my cousins we DECIDED to go Bowling and afterwards we WENT to the cinéma. 
We SAW a very good movie. The day after  we HAS a good family meal and in the afternoon all the children of the family SEARCHED for the chocolate eggs. I DIDN't find any of them but my grand pa GAVE me some.. In the evenings we WTACHED tv and PLAYED games.

I really HAD a great great time!!
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Je laisse tomber!!!!!
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T'as raison de laisser tomber Noussa, n'empêche que t'as encore été victime de ta dyslexie informatique!!!! :)..AGAIN; .....the day after we HAD; je dirais we searched for chocolate eggs (sans the) et bien sûr "we WATCHED".............(just kidding !!!!) sauf pour eggs :)
si elle avait pas commen et en disant ont den fou jaurai pas di sa mais je m'excuse