Urgentttttttttttttttttttttttttttt s'il vous plait
Ecrire une rédaction au future pour dire ce qu'on va faire pendant les vacances d'été (phrases négatives et affirmative) et utilisées les quantifieures. faire 10 lignes comme un texte.
Merci beaucoup

non sa fera peut etre pas dix lignes. mais dit moi en français ce ue toi tu vas faire pendant tes vacances et moi je te traduis tes phrases, sa te va ?
et ce que ces bon :
What I plan to do during the coming holidays?

Firt and foremost, I will stay late in bed , for getting up every day early to go to school

is quite tiring. Then the first week I'll do nothing but I plan to have much fun with my friends .For example we will go to the cinema together or may be skating in our neighbourhood skatering. We might as well go bowling .
Anyway, I"ll do nothing but rest and go out.
The second week; I'll get more serious. I will do some of my homework so that the last term


For the next holidays, it will be the summer so I think I will play football, volleyball or another sport. Maybe I will go to see my friends. I wish I go with my parents in a camping or in a parc. I will go to the swimming pool because the temperature will be hot.
And I wish I will pass a good holidays. 

J'espère ne pas avoir fait de fautes et j'espère que je t'ai aider.
Next vacations, I think that my parents and I will go abroad. We will visit a foreign country. My parents say that it will be a sunny place and that we will have a great time. They add we will stay at a hotel instesd of renting a mobilhome. We will have all the accomdations.

We will go sightseeing and we will often swim in a beautiful blue sea.We will also have the opportunity of swimming in the hotel pool.

During the evenings we will go dancing while my parents will have a drink at the hotel terrace. I 'm sure we will enjoy our summer holidays. Oh by the way , I must tell you the place. Yes It will be Malta. We will fly to get there.....