Batman has a black costume. On his costume, on his chest(poitrine) he has a bat who is on a yellow background (fond). He  wears blacks gloves, he has a yellow belt(ceinture), black mantle, and a black mask. 

Je suis pas bilingue mais j’espère que je t'aurai aider un peu.
Meilleure réponse !
The Batsuit (or Bat-Suit) is the costume of the fictional comic books character batman, a superhero  appearing in DC comics. Though the suit has been drawn many different ways by different artists, and the stories themselves have described Batman as modifying the details of his costume from time to time, it is most often depicted as consisting of: matching blue (or black) scalloped cape, bat-like cowl, gloves with a series of scalloped, fin-like protuberances, boots, and outerwear briefs; a yellow utility belt; and, a skintight gray body suit  (with a stylized, black bat insignia emblazoned on the chest -- either without, or within, a bright-yellow ellipse).Batman wears this costume both to conceal his identity, and to frighten criminals. Most versions of the Batsuit incorporate some form of body armor , and often night-vision, gas filters, and other aids to combat effectiveness or protection. All versions of the costume incorporate a belt containing a variety of technological, mechanical, and crime-fighting gadgets.