Bonjour , j'ai un devoir d'Anglais et j'ai besoin de l'aide svp.

Ecrit un discourt au sujet de la segregation aux U.S.A ET de Matin Luther King

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J'ai déjà travaillé dessus, et pour t'aider je pense que devrait parler de Rosa Park si tu connais l'histoire, des lois de Jim Crow et du KKK(Ku Klux Klan) qui été un groupe de blanc, classée à l’extrême droite en Amérique. Tu peut en parler pour montrer que le racisme été important dans le sud de l'Amérique.

J'espère que je t'ai un peu aider :/
Raciak segregation has been a real plague in The 1960's in the USA . Many black people were refused the same rights as the whites. The WASP community , acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant were all the time hassling the balcks for any reason.

For instance the Blacks could go to the same cinéma as the whites, in the parks it was
wriiten 'this bench is only for whites" , there were white toilettes and white toilettes, white schools and black schools. The black students couldn't enroll universities because of their colour. Until one day  a woman named Rosa Park got into a bus where the blacks has to sit in the back. She was so tired after work, she sat in a seat meant for a white person and refuse to get from it.She was arrested but a man , a preacher, the famous Martin Luther Kiing lead a very important march to washington , and told the black people to boycott any shop they could. They had sittings in the streets but also in restaurants. The KKK didn't accept these movements nd all over the south states there were murders of blacks , burning of black houses and black churches with people inside. It was HORRIBLE!!!! But the blacks won the "battle" thatnks to President Kennedy and thanks to the courageous preacher Martin Luther King. America had to adopt a new law 
THE CIVIL RIGHTS which punish all form of racial discrimination and segregation!!