Adjectif court :
. My mother is taller than my sister.
. My brother is older than my 
. My dog is fatter than my cat.
. My cousin is funnier than my grandmother.
. Simon is smaller than Sarah
. Marie is nicer than Marion.
. Méghane is bigger than Camille.
. Léo and Léa are hotter than Chris.
. Tilma is prettier than Laura.
. Fred is colder than Romain

Adjectif long :
China is the most populated country in the world.
 A computer is the most expensive thing I have bought so far.
. The cliffs of Moher are the most impressive spot I have seen so far.
Mr Crow is the most clever teacher I have ever known.
Champagne is more expensive than lemonade.
A limousine is more comfortable than a kart.
John is more intelligent than Dick
The book was more interesting than the film.
A woman is more intelligent than a man.
The film is more interesting than the book

Adjectif court :
Adjectif + -ER

Adjectif long :
More + Adjectif + Than