Il faut choisir un objet auquel on y tient( n'importe lequel )
et de dire pourquoi on l'a choisit donc pour cela il faut relever des informations
il faut donner 3 indices
ensuite il faut parler de l'objet en question pendant 3 min
en gros c'une devinette

c toi qui doit le faire je ne peut pa t'aider
choisir un objet n'importe lequel


My object is a memory, a memory of exceptional day. My object is in my room, it was always here. I highlighted him(it) well so that every morning by raising me I see him, and so that every evening by sleeping me I see him. 

It is the object the which I hold most in my house. If I had to keep a single object in all my life, it would be this one. I chose him because this object has a sentimental value for me. He reminds to me full of beautiful memories.I consider him(it) as a person. 

The indications are: he is on a wall, he is oblong and rather small.

To finish, this object reminds me that a memory will never replace the moment when it was taken.

Then, what is my object? 

Voilà j’espère avoir aidé, si il manque des choses préviens-moi :). (PS : Ton objet est une photo). Tchaw' :).