j'aurai besoin d'aide pour mon DM d'anglais :
- imaginer un récit a la 1ere personne le récit d'un enfant qui travail (conditions de travail, présentation, a quelle âge il/elle a commence ? pourquoi? et la situation actuelle)
aidez moii svpp



Every morning I wake at 5 to get ready for my job in the factory.  Before I leave for work, I must help my brother get ready for school.  Our parents work and are not at home to help us in the morning.  It is very tiring but we need the money to live.  I used to go to school with my brother.  I loved school, especially maths.  But this year I turned 13 and had to earn money to support our family.  Last year, my father became ill, my mother could not pay for everything, so I had to find a job.  He is now better, but we still need the extra money.  I wish I could go back to school with my brother.  I hope he will not have to stop at 13.
I am lucky because my job is in a modern factory.  We make foot balls.  The smell of the leather is horrible, but the factory is clean and bright.  I earn less than my parents, but if I work hard, I could probably earn as much as they do next year.  I know I am lucky because the factory where I work has lots of rules.  We have time off for lunch and my work day is only 9 hours.  I have friends who work 12 hour days.

Bon c'est un début, j'espères ça te conviennes...