Bonsoir, j'ai un devoir d'anglais pour la rentrée , c'est CREATIVE WRITING " Andrea writes a letter to her family in jamaica and tells them about the journey, what she likes, dislikes and misses in England . je dois ecrire 150 word j'aurais vraiment besoin d'aide merci



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Hi Dad ! Hi mom ! 
So, I am in Jamaica, and… this is unbelievable !
This morning, I went to a ride in a forest. The landscape was amazing, and I saw animals that I didn’t even know ! I ate in a typical restaurant. After, I went to the beach, it was realy agreeable. I ended the day by a fire with some new friends that I met at the hotel. 
I really like the people here, they’re nice to everyone, they’re always happy.
But there is too many dangerous animals and I don’t like that. I’m really scared when I walk through the forest ! But it’s really beautiful, so... !
Okay, I admit it, I miss you so much and the rainy weather of England.I can’t wait to come back and show you all the pictures that I’ll take.
I love you so much, see you soon ! 

Donc voilà, je te propose sa. Sa peut d'aider à trouver plus d'inspiration, ou je sais pas, fait s'en ce que tu veux ^^
J'espère que je t'aurais aidé!
Merci c'est parfait tu m'as bcp aider je t'ai remercié et marqué comme meilleur :)