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The old man and the sea (Le vieil homme et la mer)

The main characters are Santiago, an old and poor fisherman Manolin , a young boy who, despite recent events still believes the old man.

Résumé :

Santiago hasn't caught any big fish for 84 days. Manolin 's parents who find that Santiago is unlucky, forbid their son to sail with the old man and forced him to go fishing on another boat. Indeed it brings three big catches in a week. Leaving his friend Manolin , yet still the only one who believes in him , the old man decides to go to sea in search of the decision which earned him the esteem again . Far from the coast , the line tightens . Things start looking up . With his experience , Santiago quickly realize that this is an extraordinary decision . All night , he leaves out in the hope of exhausting .The next morning, the fish rises to the surface . It is a gigantic swordfish , as it has never seen. It burst upon him, then he immediately plunges .Swordfish is so strong that it causes the boat the old man away from the coast and the fisherman can only wait and hope .The battle will be long . Santiago will win the grueling fight , but apparent, unfortunately his return to land sharks have left him the carcass of a magnificent outlet.

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