Bonjours, je prépare mes oraux de langue et j'ai vraiment du mal, pouvez-vous me dire ce que vous pensez de ce que j'ai fait pour la notion mythes et héros.

Myths and heroes
( Mythes et héros )

I’m going to talk about the notion of spaces and exchanges ;
In first I want to give a definition of myth ans hero :

The myth is a traditional story, a myth can be also a widely held but false belief or idea.
A hero is a person who is admired for their courage and noble qualities, he can be fictitious or real
But here, we shall be interested by real people.

For illustrate this notion, I have chosen to speak about Jesse Owens, a celebrates athlete, he has participated at the J.O. of berlin in 1936 and He had to face numerous prejudices because of his origins, then i'll speak about Ellen MacArthur, she is considered by the British as the first véritable heroes of 21 century.

At what moment can we consider a person as heroic ?

Jesse Owens is an American athlete considered as the first black sportsman of international fame. He refutes these theories which put forward the superiority of races, he wants be seen as a simple athlete and not as a lower race because it is a colored person. The text presents Jesse Owens as somebody determined, hard-working, brave, and concerned by the racial question.
Ellen MacArthur is a famous sailor, is a committed woman ; she fights for the sustainable development. She also dedicates it self to humanitarian works in particular in favors of the children affected by leukemia.

The one is an athlète the other is famous sailor and nevertheless we can speak both as heroes because each in their own way one marked with the spirits.

When I was a child I thought that a hero owed inevitably saved from the lives, to risk his life, credit note of the great powers.
But in reality it is not that being a hero..
finally yes to save life it is something really heroic but I understood that it isn’t the only heroic deed, I understood that we consider somebody as heroic from the moment he defends a cause as Jesse Owens who defends the idea not to be judged on our skin color, Ellen MacArthur she fights for the sustainable development, dedicates itself to humanitarian works.. A hero also realizes exploit Jesse Owen in won of event at the Games Olympic, and Ellen MacArthur has several records of the world tour in the solo sail.

It is for all these reasons that we consider these two people as heroes, because they are doing something who make of them idols, They are the pride of more people.



Au début ta mis que tu vas parler de la notion d'espaces et échanges puis après tu donnes la définition de mythes et héros
en effet je travail plusieurs notions en même temps, et je me suis embrouillé, mais c'est bien de la notion de mythes et héros dont je parle là ..
But what about myths ?