Has Mr McKay already flown with Air Canada ? Yes he has.
Has Mary already  eaten a blood soup ? No, she hasn't.
Have the McKays already seen a whale ? Yes, they have.
Has Mary already heard whales singing ? Yes she has.
Have you already been (travelled) to Canada?

Mr McKay has already flown( been,travelled) to Chile and so has his wife.
Mrs McKay has never eaten a blood soup and neither has Mary.
Mary has already taken photos of whales and so has Feng.
Feng has never seen an artic fox and neither has Mary
Mary has already met (???)  Céline Dion and so has her friend.

Have your parents already travelled with Eurostar ? Of course. An so have I.
But they've(they have) never gone to Africa. Mine neither.
Have you already been to Africa?
Yes; and I've seen lions in the wild.
I've never eaten crocodile's meat.

J'espère t'avoir aidé au mieux. Good luck!!!!