Parler avec quelqu'un de sa fête d'anniversaire pendant 3 minutes en anglais. Aller voir pour ceux qui l'on a la page 98 du livres New Spring 5 éme.

Merci d'avance.

voila j'espere sa te convient tu peut rajouter tes iddés a toi


Meilleure réponse !
My name is lucie i am born on ecrit ta date my birthday this year was wednesday so i celebrate it on the saturday i invited all my school friends it was an amazing birthday i will never forget it my mum and dad made my birthday party so special they rent a villa for me the place was wonderfull i had the beach just in front of the villa we were about 50 people i had a big dj for the music we danced all the night my birthday party started at 9pm and finished and 5 am i had a big chocolate cake with cherry's on it. at 12pm we went on the beach to see a big firework it was amazing i never tought one day someone will do fireworks just for me i had loads of present from my friends clothes make up but i should say the best present was from my boyfriend he wrote for me a letter and he gave me a ring yes a ring he said to me that he wanted to pass the rest of his life with me i was suprised he did that in front of everyone i was choked i will never forget that. to finish some of my friend slept at the villa it was big villa with 12 rooms so we had enaf spaces obviously i passed my night with my boyfriend.