SVP Je n'arrive vraiment pas à faire cette exercice pouvez-vous m'aider please ?

Je suis mauvaise d'origine en anglais c'est pour cela que j'ai besoin de votre aide Merci.

Voici la consigne:

Write a few lines now:

Look at the card summing up Coldplay's involvement in charities.

Write a short paragraph about what they have done and how.


British Rock band since 1996

-Help Hurricane Katrina victims financially/record a charity single wirem Micheal Stipe.

-Support Amnesty International and Cancer Active/gice 10% of their profits.

-Ask that any gift intended for them are donated to charity.

-Support 23 charities/donated items for auctions.



Espérons que cette aide (:!!:

Coldplay is a british rock band which formed in 1996. They did many things to help victims and the less fortunate. Some of the actions they took were: helping the victims or Hurricane Katrina by recording a charity single with Micheal Stripe, supporting Amnesty International and Cancer Active by donating 10% of their profits, asking that any gift that was intended for them to be donated to charity, and supporting 23 charities in total by auctioning donated items.