Bonjour j'aurais besoin d'aide pour mon oral de littérature en langue étrangère, je dois préparer un dossier sur la thématique: the writer of his/her time.J'ai choisi deux textes; his day is done de Maya Angelou et o captain my captain de Walt Whitman

Ma problématique est: How do the writers of their time express the tribute through two symbolic characters?

Mon plan est: I) l'auteur, témoin de son temps

II) Le message de l'auteur avec ses sentiments.

Le souci c'est que je n'arrive pas à trouver des éléments pour inclure ces deux textes dans ma deuxième partie. la deuxième pièce jointe, le texte est en double

Merci. C'est super urgent.



Meilleure réponse !
Je ne sais pas si vous vouliez en anglais ... j'espère que vous avez fait (:!

Both texts are written by someone who loved and respected the person they are talking about. For both texts, the authors use a poetic rythm to send across their message, the message being, how much they respected and admired the person, the positive things that occurred as a result of their well-doing, and that although they cannot believe that they passed away, they accept it, they thank them for everything. 
Maya Angelou uses repetition: “his day is done”, in the beginning she seems to use this as a way of showing her disbelief, however the last time she uses it, she seems to have accepted it, sort of like a conclusion to a long story. Walt Whitman also uses a lot of repetition, “Fallen cold and dead”. He also seems to use this as a sign of disbelief, however the final time he uses it, he seems to have accepted it as well, it sounds like his way of closure. 
Though it seems as though Dr. Maya repeats the phrase "his day is done" to assure people of his death, the true intention behind this seems to be that she is trying to comfort and convince herself. She broke down with the news of his death and tries to comfort people by telling them to stay strong because he gave us freedom and that we should be grateful for his struggles. He mainly taught us to forgive and remain united instead of fighting.