Bonjour, j'ai quatre questions en anglais auxquelles j'ai répondu et je voudrais savoir si elles sont correcte merci

What is a typical brekfast ?
At breakfast , I eat cookies with a glass of chocolate milk or croissants , sometimes I eat cereal.

What is your favorite meal ? how to cook it? what is it made ​​of?
My Favorite recipe is roast chicken .To realize the need:
Preheat the ovenWash the potatoes , put them in a saucepan, cover with cold water and cook for 5 minutes, then refresh under cold water.Salt and pepper chicken.Put the chicken in a dish, drizzle with olive oil. Put the chicken to cook in the oven for 15 min.Divide the potatoes around the chicken , put the chicken to cook 1 hour .Remove chicken from oven, let stand 15 min.

How do people eat in Belgium ?
Belgian love to eat but too oftenfat. Chocolate , mussels, fries, spéculoos , waffles and soup.

Which foreing food and drink is popular in your country ?
The food that is popular in my country is couscous, we eat at least once a week . The most popular drink is hot tea with mint

fries? c'est pas plutôt chips pour dire frites.?
je sais pas j'ai trouver dans le dictionnaire
c'est Chips ;)


a typical breakfast is  the English breakfast  ; bacon and eggs , sussages , Toasts with marmelade  , a cup of tea with a cloud of milk

My breakfast:......

My favourite meal is roasted chicken

here is the recepie;

Belgian love eating fat food

hum!!!!!!I'll come to eat couscous and drink mint tea one day Ok?
ce que j'ai mis dans breakfast c'est correcte?
oui et c bien écris! bravo pour quelqu'un qui débute!