Beaucoup de points, c'est trop important, s'il vous plait !!!!
Il faut que je commente cette image (description, ressentis, ... ), en anglais. Ensuite il faut que je passe a l'oral au moins 2 min ... je sèche, aidez moi s'il vous plait!!!



Meilleure réponse !
The document I have to descripe and talk about is a big book . It has many pages in it , so many that they are folding inside. The book and the sheets are light cream which contrast with the black writing.

and the curl of the many sheets foms a word . This word is READ  ; It is colorored in 
brown which contrasts with the rest pf the book. 
This contrast empashises the word READ  . 

The aim of the author is to emphasize the importance Reading has in our life. It also suggests that we have lost the taste for reading. 
READ ; is it a piece of advice or an order so that people keep reading  instead of being all the time glued on TV or Play station?

For me it is a good message  and an interesting way of conveying it.
mais faut vraiment que le dm soit terminer s'il to plait !!!!
ok envoie par message privé
alors où est le devoir?
je peux pas par messaage. passe ton fb je te l'envoie