Meilleure réponse !
- Hi John! What are the news?
- Well , nothing special , I liked the trip we had last week to Spain
- Oh yes I remember . I didn't like your behaviour...
- My what? What do you mean?
-  Well you should have a better attitude towards our environment
-   What do you mean?
- I noticed that you left all your pinic garbage in the bushes; aren't you aware of the damages ? You pollute our planet in doing so.;
- oh you sound like those protectal environment we hear and watch on Tv
- of course I am and you should join me
- so what shall I do
- simple! First you should select your domestic rubbish  in the recycling bin
Moreover, watch your water consommation. You should take a shower instead of a bath!
- but I like taking baths!!
- So do I , but we must not be individualist. We must think of the whole world. We waste too much water whereas some people in other countries walk kilometers to gather some water for their drinking
- Oh really? Well I should watch it out then!
- for sure, And stop asking your mother to drive you to school.Take the common transports. There will be less air pollution.You should think about it. Our planet is suffering and it is a victim of our silly behaviour towards environment
- I promise I will in the future. I promise to do my best so that we keep a clean planet
- Yes do so, our earth will be saved at last!!

tu comprends au moins ce que j'ai écrit?
oui, j'ai traduis avec google traduction
OK C BON BON COURAGE ! tu me diras par le chat privé combien elle va te mettre comme note
ok,pas de soucis :)))))