Aidez svp c'est urgent c'est une expression ecrite sur l'environnement
You're talking with your pen friend on Internet and you talk about environment. Your pen friend is not good environmentalist.Give him advice
Aidez moi svp je n'y arrive vraiment pas :(



Meilleure réponse !
Dear John. 

If I were you, I would mind more about our Planet. Last week we went camping  and I noticed that after having our picnis, you trew your empty bottle of coke in the bushes. How can you dare. I didn't want to make any remark on the moment because there were many people around us and I know you wouldn't have liked it. 
Please make some efforts and put your rubbish in the dudt bin.Do make some effort!!
And once more. When I visited you last week, I noticed after dinner that you cleared the table and all the rubbish were put together in the same trash bin.
Don't you know taht we must separate the household waste? Haven(t you noticed that you had two waste bins in two different colours,?
Moreover when you go from one place to another, don't forgrt to switch the light off and when you wash your teeth don't let the water ru all the time. Please John , a tiny effort from you may save our beautiful earth!!!!
mais ofaite je pense qu'il fallait faire en posant des questions
il y a quelques fautes de frappe