Pouvez vous m'aider a corrigé mes fautes à mon devoir d'anglais s'il vous plait, si vous voyez d'autres fautes dite le moi ! C'est urgent !
Merci d'avance

je ne peux pas voir ton document :/
Vers la fin, tu as écrit "whom I knew" tu ne t'es pas trompé ?
le whom est moins dit de nos jours mais c'est le cod de Who
Ouais c'est bien ce qui me sembler mais sinon il me semble pas y avoir de grande fautes
non c bien écrit T en quelle classe?


I’m going to talk about my training course. I did my training period in All Wrap in Moissy – Cramayel. To begin with,  I will talk about the company I worked in Then I will develop what I have learned Finaly I will deal with my personal impression   All Wrap company immediately targeted the global market of medical packing thanks to the creation of a range of machines with an innovating technology. Thanks to continued expansion and success, the company registered as a public limited company in October 2001. The company is managed by Miss Colson, her husband Mister Colson the sales manager and two men (un Tourneur/ajusteur et un ajusteur/monteur) In this company my works was varied with important responsibilities, the salary was very high and tutors were very nice. They gave me a lot of work from the beginning  by  giving me personal taks of their business. I worked on the staff of the company bank account by registering their bank statements. I could see the benefit of the company, something they were not supposed to show me. During this intership, I was able to do the vat declaration, the declaration for export, letters, recorded invoices, create invoices in French but also in English, because it’s an export business. So I had the opportunity with the help of my tutor to write to customers or suppliers overseas in English and sometimes I had to answer the phone in spite of my difficulties in English and my shyness. I was very satisfied with this company, I learned a lot. This intership was a good experience for my studies.   What was for  me the most of this course is that the company works abroad /offshore ? with 30 countries including England, which helped me  in getting more fluent in English. It was a very interesting work  I advise people interested in foreign languages to practice .The atmosphere of this course was nice because my tutor was always by my side when I encountered difficulties.   And as far I’m concerned, I would like to work in Foot Locker Company because I am a fan of shoes and sport clothes. Thanks  to my brother who has been   a follower of this store for several years and who has bought  so many sports wear in that shop  And I also begin my collection of shoes and clothes, I like their dresses, their style. If later I  have a store to be chosen to work on it, I will have no hesitation, I would chose Foot Locker.     Remarque: La rupture entre les 2 parties est un peu abrupte. Faites une phrase de transition explicative)