pourriez vous me dire s'il y a d'éventuels erreurs dans ma présentation orale d'anglais. Je vous en remercie d'avance !


myth evokes the human condition as a whole, its history transmitted
first orally and often incarneted by a hero, a place or a community.
Each time borrows some myths and updates or creates new ones. The
hero may be a fictional character or real, which marked the
tradition, history and everyday life. Popular myths and heroes
reflect the identity of a nation and influence its values. In the US,
the myth of the Frontier has deeply shaped the American character.

did the founding myth of the Frontier arise and then take a firm hold
in the imagination of Americans ?

the first time, we explain what the Frontier is and talk about the
dreams that attracted people to the West. In the second time, we
compare the dreams to reality and we speack what marks the spirit of
the frontier has left on the characteristics of the American people

the 19th century, in the United States, what people called the
Frontier was the zone just beyong the region of existing settlements
of Americans. It was the limit between the civilized areas of the
East and Wilderness (the Wild West). The Frontier offered unlimited

dreams that have attracted people in the west are: the gold rush is
to say that from 1848, the people of California have found gold and
people immediately rushed California. They came first for the U.S.
east coast and across the world. At that time there were cowboys who
were looking for space and freedom. They lived under brutal
conditions because they had no tent or shelter and spent all the time
on horseback. They Would Often drive as far as 15 to 20 miles a day.
There are also rebels and popular heroes like Jessie James is a
famous off-the-law working in the United States in the second half of
the nineteenth century leader James-Younger gang. For each flight, he
gives money to the poor who then regarded as a hero of Justice :
characteristic of an anti-hero.

Ellis Island is
a small island near the Statue of Liberty and has been for over half
a century considered the gateway to the United States. The
documentary Ellis Island, a story of the American dream back on this
legendary immigration center, its opening in 1892 until its closure
in 1954, tracing the arduous journey of the families who had to leave
Europe for the New World. Initially they arrived with high hopes and
illusions but were disappointed, forced some to return home or

To conclude, today there is a
good business strategy is to say that ideas are designed in
California and made ​​in China like Apple or BMW. They are a
conquering markets and a conquering Space with Neil Amstrong.



Elle est parfaite mis a part le fait qu il y ai quelques fautes d orthographe sinon la qualite de l expression est top
Je peux rien dire c'est parfait!!!
quels sont les fautes à corriger ? merci
At first I will explain... Implique toi c'est TON oral après tout...
comprends tu ce que tu vas dire à l'oral? Car c'est ça la clé de la réussite, il ne suffit pas d'apprendre ton texte par coeur il faut le maitriser par la compréhension totale de ce que tu vas dire.