New York is the most populated town of the USA. Its population represents fourty percent of the inhabitants of the state of New York.
It has known a development of trade and industry thanks to the arriving of million of migrants which provoqued a demographic increase. But after the Second World War, NY lost eighty hundred and thousand inhabitants. Now it is estimated to reach until nine point five (9,5) million in two thousand thirty.
The life expectancy is eighty point two (80,2) for women and seventy four point five (74,5) for men. The population is relatively young. In two thousand and five the median age was thirty five point eight (35,8) and there are more women than men.
The unemployment rate is lower than national’s and NY population is more graduated. However it exists disparities of wages, for example, they are richest in Manhattan than in Harlem. But Queens and Staten Island are middle classes.
New York is one of the metropole the most cosmopolitan of the world. We can heard one hundred seventy languages in the town because NY is the principal door of immigration.

New York, batize to "The Big Apple" or "The city that never sleeps" is a city of superlatives. This is one of the largest city in the world, placing it in the Northeast United States of America and located on the Atlantic coast. It is sometimes considered the capital of the world ?( grace )? to many office buildings. But for eight million inhabitant, New York remains a city of district divided into five boroughs. There are Harlem in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

I will you introduce New York eight point:

- Its architecture is world famous with its many skyscrapers, this contributes enormously to the skyline of Manhattan.
- The New York Times is one of the most read newspapers and most prestigious in the world.
- It is a city where the film never stops, the movies (Spiderman, Batman etc ...) or series (Friends, CSI, etc. ..) are the most popular this is real-inspired decor of New York. This is the second film production center in the United States. The important criminal past of the metropolis and attack the Wold Trade Center is a sure source of inspiration for film or stories. Many old neighborhoods are being stuck in thirty years, making it possible to make films with the Italian mafia and Chinese triads.
-The city is also used as part of Video Games, neighborhoods and monuments are carefully remake, this gives a realistic effect and gives the impression of being in the process of visiting the city in every corner.
-New York remains one of the main cultural center of the planet, ?? ( grace ) ?? to the famous museums and enriching, many universities that are deemed to be stormed by students around the world.
-Times Square is very famous for his billboard lights that give the impression of perpetual mouvement, there are also a large concentration of theaters, shops and entertainment .
-Central Park is the lungs of the city and is the most visited park in the contry, it has an area of 341 hectares and circle in many buildings.
-It is very difficult to imagine the streets of New York and particularly those in Manhattan without the famous yellow cabs, which are found in the film or series, there were twelve thousand.