Bonjour mon professeur d'anglais me demande de fait un paragraphe ( résumé ) de 10 à 12 ligne pour raconté une histoire fantastique (avec un vampire ou un loup, garou, ou une sorcière etc etc ...) en fessant un intrigue comme dans un livre sans dévoilé la fin .
Enfin il faut 4 phrarse contentent pour chaque phrase une critique littéraire différent
Merci d'avance :)



Meilleure réponse !
Once upon a time , a huge castle in the middle of a mysterious forest. Nobody has ever been there because awful things were told about the occupant of this castke. But I have never believed in ghosts nor wizards. For me all this was rubbish to make people frightened.

So one day, I decided to walk in the woods . It was a nice afternoon and I went there by myself. As I was going deeper in the forest, the weather was getting darker . I was getting a bit cold so I decided to go back . But I couldn't find my way back.The trees seemed to make a barrier so that I couldn't go through.

Suddenly I stopped. I couldn't believe it .A huge building appeared in front of me.It looked like an old castle . Since It began raining I decided to ask for a shelter. So I knocked on the wooden gate but nobody seemed to hear my banging. It was getting very dark. I looked up and decided to clim the wall. When I reached the top of the wall, a hidoud face appeared to me with a strange laugh . My heart was beating and I Jumped down and began running like a mad. I was so terrified by what I've just seen........I was sweating....

I awoke trembling.......................So it was just a nightmare!!!!!!