Bonjour, j'ai en quelques sorte une rédaction a faire en anglais, voici les consignes :

Consignes :

Faire un lettre au consulat Australien (Donc en anglais), expliquant que nous aimerions bien allez en Australie, les choses à faire, les bâtiments à visiter ...

Merci à ceux qui m’aideront, car je galère :(

En attente de vos réponses :)

Merci d'avance :D



Meilleure réponse !

Dear Sir,

Some of my friends and I are planning to visit Australia.We have never been there before so before flying to this fabulous country we would like to have some information about it.

We would like to know about the living there.Is it expensive to hire book in a hotel, and  will it be cheaper to rent some rooms ?

Moreover we would like to know whether buses and taxis are expensive because we were told that spaces in Australia are so large, that we won't be able to walk from a place to another.

What king of activities could suit somme teenagers? And what are the most famous places and monuments to visit.

We are looking forward to having some news from you so that we can prepare this exciting travel.

PS: Do we need a visa to enter Australia?

                                                      sincerely yours

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