Bonjour j'ai un travail à faire et je voudrais que vous me disiez si c'est juste merci
This excerpt written by John coetzee will tell us about a generation gap between Mr. Rayment a senior and Drago his auxiliary's young son.Everything begins the day when drago lends a helping hand about computer's Mr. Rayment.However drago can't access to Internet , nevertheless Mr explains that he make use of to keep in touch.Drago is astoniked without internet, it's weird. So he wondered about the date of purchase of PC. Mr. Doesn't reminisce, then he explains That he doesn't follow the fashion.For greedy drago adds that Mr doesn't like moves with the times. He answers dryly that it doesn't match up to your standard.Drago can't believe one's ears. Mr. Is outrageous about prejudice's drago. Suddenly he becomes philosophers then he talks about the future's drago Which he will be considered obsolete.To catch up in these words he affirms that his grandparents have a computer and they can do everything like send pictures.

As tu traduit à l' aide d'un site. Il y a des fautes de conjugaison (comme par ex: he makeS, mais , surtout je n' arrive pas à le traduire en franç c'est toi qui as écrit ce texte , peut-être pourrais tu le poster en français pour que l'on t'aide et après à toi de faire ton mélange entre ce que tu as écrit et les conseils donnés....j' aurai voulu faire mieux, mais dslé, je sèche................


On dis pas "about comouter's Rayment "mais on dits " about Mr.raymentS computer" le s faut l'ajouter