Situation 1 : The godfather has been arrested and condemned to life imprisonment. His oldest son, who is working as a lawyer, must decide whether to take his father’s place .He feels the need to talk about this decision to someone. Situation 2 : They live in a big mansion (manoir) and have everything they want. They think their father is a successful businessman. But, one day, their father is on the front page of every single newspaper in town. He is a godfather! The younger sister is so shocked that she has to talk about all this to her older brother. C'est de l'anglais.. ce n'est pas moins point fort.. je dois écrire un dialogue dans une des deux situations.. quelqu'un peut m'aider.. ou juste m'aider à trouver des idées



Meilleure réponse !
The sister is talking to her brother

 - Bob , have you read the newspaper?
-  no, I haven't, is there something exciting to day in the news
-  Something has happened and I don't know how to say it
- Go on , what is it
-  Dad is talked about in the paper
- so that,'s nothing new .Dad is an important business man, I understand he 's talked about 
- No no, it's not in a good way. He was arrested yesterday by the police and put in jail
- Godness me , how come?
- it is said that Dad is a godfatherand...
- That can't be true, I don't believe this
- theyy give some details about the whole thing
- let me have a look. Give me the paper.
   Oh no, He told us he was a good and honest business man and look at what is written...

Well, first of all let's acll his lawyer, and we'll find out all about it

The brother calls the lawyer and he's told that all is true . The children are so shocked , they stay still , they can't move nor talk....