His name is Bart
His name is an ???? of the word brat
He is 10 years old
He goes to Springfield Elementary school
His parents are called Homer and Marge
He has two sisters called Lisa and Maggie
He has two aunts called Patty and Selma
He doesn't have brothers
His most prominent characters traits are rebelliousness and disrespect for authority
His best friend is called Milhouse
He loves skateboarding
He doesn't like school very much
His favourite cartoon is Krusty the clown
He likes reading comic books and playing video games
He doesn't work very hard at school

Cela m'a prit du temps car ton image était pratiquement illisible, j'ai du l'enregistrer pour zoomer mais là encore, c'était très flou, mais le plus important, c'était les réponses justes je pense, et voilà bonne journée :)