His name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on 1 March 1994, in Stratford (Otario) In Canada.
He's got brown eyes and Brown hair. He is left handed.
He lives in Brookhaven (Georgia), in Atlanta in the US.
Currently, he is single.
His mother is Pattie and his Dad is Jeremy Bieber.
He is an onlychild, but he has got a half sister named Jamzyn, who was born on 30 May 2008.
Justin is a Pop/R&B singer, He plays drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.
His first Album My World came out in 2010, his second "Under the Mistletoe in 2011 and his third "Believe" came out in 2012.

His favourite colours are Blue and purple. His lucky number is 6 and he likes Spaghetti and Ice Cream.
Justin's favourite hockey team is Toronto Maple Leafs.
Also, his favorite artists are : Usher, Ne-yo, Elliott Yamin, billy talent, Lifehouse, T-Bone and Chris Brown.

By the way, Justin can speak English and some French.
He has got a dog named Sam. Justin's best friends are Ryan Butler and Christian Beadles.
His favorite hobbies are Skating, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and Golf.

Voilà!! :) 

juste une petite correction sans prétention aucune; he plays THE guitar, THE piano,THE drums car en anglais on joue d'un instrument avec l'article THE mais on joue d'un sport sans article. C'est ce que j'ai retenu de ma lecon d'anglais sur les articles -;)
Sans le "The" c'est correct aussi... :)
non pas du tout , regarde dans les livres de grammaire anglaise!
Si tu le dis :) Je crois que si tu dit The piano tu parle bien de l'action concrète et si tu ne met pas le "The" c'est quand tu parles de la capacité à jouer de quelque chose. Mais c'est clair que "play the piano" c'est plus approprié :) Je n'ai jamais dis que tu avais tort ;)
His name is Justin Drew Bieber .He was born on 1st March 1994.He lives in Brookhaven Georgia Atlanta Usa. He has  brown  eyes and brown hair. His father is Jeremy and his mother her name is Pattie.He has one half sister her name is Jazmyn she was born on 30th March 2008.Justin Bieber is a singer,the genre is pop and R&B.He plays drums,guitar,piano and trumpet.He released an albums;My World in 2010,Under the Mistletoe in 2011 and Believe in 2012.His colour favorite are blue and purple and her number favourite is 6 . He likes spaghetti and ice cream.Toronto Maple leafs is favourite hockey team .He loves  Usher,Ne-yo,Elliot Yasmin,Billi Talent,Lifehousse,T-Bone and Chris Brown.He has one dog his name is Sam.Justin Bieber has 2 best friends their name are Rayan Butler and Christian Beadles. 

He speaks english and some french.His hobbies are skating,hockey,basketball and golf