Justin Drew Bieber was born on March , 1994.

He has got brown eyes and brown hair 

He is left handed

His hometown is  Stratford, Ontario in Canada

but now he lives in Georgia, Atlanta , USA

His mum is called Pattle and his dad is Jeremy Bieber

He is an only child, he hasn't got any sisters nor brothers but he has got a half siter.

Her name is Jazmin, she was born on May the 30th , 2008.

He is a singer of R&B and Pop music

He can play the drums, the piano, the guitar and also the trumpet

His albums are ; My World in 2010 ,the second album in 2011 Under The Mistletoe

and the last album is Believe in 2012

His favourite colour are Blue and Purple

and his favourite number is 6

He likes spagetti and ice cream

His favourite hockey team is Toronto Maple leaves

and his favourite artists are  ; ( tu énumères ...)

He has got one pet.Its name is SAM

He has got two best friends.They are Ryan and.......( tu marques les noms)

He speaks English and somme french

His hobbies are skating,soccer, hockey, basket ball and golf