Trouvez 5 excuses en Anglais ??

exemple: I didn't hand my homework in because
My mum coudn't do it.

c la seule que j'ai trouver aider-moi svp svp svp
Je vous remercie d'avance

Poser des questions si vous comprenez-pas !!
because there was an electricity breakdown in my village and my alarm clock didn't ring,; because I forgot my homework at home but I"ll bring it tomorrow at school; because I had too much homework to do and I didn't have time to finish all of t'as d'autres idées donnes les moi pour les suis à cours d' idées!!!!
merci beaucoup !!
je t"ai fait d'autres phrases , à toi de choisir!
ok merci mais c bon


I didn't go to school because I couldn't wake up. I had  the flu

I didn't answer the phone because I couldn't hear it. I was in the garden

I didn't  pass my test because I couldn't remember the text I had to tell

I didn't go to the cinema because My mother couldn't give me a lift

I didn't travel to other countries because my parents couldn't afford it

je ne sais pas si c ça que tu demandes!
nn c pas ca dsl dsl mais merci quand m'aime