Salut, voici quelques exercices sur lesquels je beuge avec mon DM d'Anglais. Merci pour votre aide. Je pense que c'est assez facile mais je suis très nulle en anglais! Bisous ... =)

n°2)she forces me to get up; and she expects me to answer immediately; and expects me to admire him; Dad makes me eat all those disgusting vegetables; I have to go to bed straight; but why does she always have to say............
Merci ...')


Meilleure réponse !
N3) His parents want him to be a nice boy
     Calvin must obey because he's only eleven years old
     They are always giving him orders
      His father makes him do his homeworks before dinner
n°4) (suggestions)
      MOMMMMM! I'm scared!!!!;    What's again????    I can't sleep......I made a nightmare, you were looking like a witch!!!!;   Don't worry, I'm coming;      AAUGH!!    

pour le 2 je te l' ai posté, le 1) j'ai des doutes encore.................
Calvin is allways bullying Mo because he is smaller than him,;
They love their son but they are very much bossy parents (?)
Calvin wants to get up whereas she wants to stay in bed (c'est pas bon il manque tjs "he" or "she" S'il y avait with ça serait plus facile.....Quelqu'un d'autre va t'aider j'espère. Si je trouve je te le poste
Merci beaucoup :)