Il faut traduire en anglais d'après ce que j'ai compris hum
What do period costumes wear extra often ?
What do you watch? I am watching a western
Do you watch westerns?
No but he want to make a whodunit soon
Do he often make whodunnits?
No but he make all kinds of films


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1- Look ! Extras speak to the main actor.

2- The extras need a lot of patience. They spend their time in waiting.

3- Who is this man? Why does he jump?

4- It is stuntman. He trains.

5- Stunt must always be in top form, right ?

Bonne journée! :)
2) they spend their time waiting; 4) he is a stuntman. He is training; Stuntmen must ajways be in a good shape, isn'it?