SVP aidez moi a faire un exposé sur WESTMINSTER ABBEY au Royaume-Uni ses pour demain et je n'arrive pas a le faire !! il faut être concis et précis avec des mots simple qu'on utilise en 4e !!!!! aidez moi vite svp !!!



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Westminster Abbey is a Gothic monastery church in London  that is the traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs. Neither a cathedral nor a parish church, Westminster Abbey is a place of worship owned by the royal family. Located next to the Houses of Parliament in the heart of London, Westminster Abbey is a must-see for any London visitor. With its oldest parts dating to the year 1050, the Abbey contains some of the most glorious medieval architecture in London. Because of its royal connections, it was spared King Henry VIII's general assault on monastic buildings during the Reformation. The interior is a veritable museum of English history. Among many highlights are the medieval coronation throne; Poet's Corner with its memorials to William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and other giants of literature; and the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I, "Bloody" Queen Mary, explorer David Livingstone and naturalist Charles Darwin.