QUI peut me corriger , il faut imaginer que dans une autre vie, je suis un animal ou un objet et je dois utiliser le SI de ( la condition)
if I were a bird, I will fly over the mountain. I will take insects to eat, I will fight all enemies. I'd be the king of the mountains. If I were a bird I would be an eagle, I would ar powerful, fast and smart. I will cross several countries and go mostly to the hot country. I will use my wings to the wind for my children. I will use my freedom to fly higher and higher. If I were a bird, I will go with other birds to an ever better world. I live happy days.



Faut que tu remplaces tout tes "will" par "would".
Je dirais: If I WAS a bird ( et oui Rihannna a bien tort!) ... i WOULD... My wings INTO, et I WOULD live happy days.