Meilleure réponse !
Exercice 1 :
a) Great! Kate wants me to go to the cinema with her next Saturday.
b)No! I won't let you take my CD's. You'll lost them again.
c)They always askme to hoover the rooms!
d)The French teacher is cool, but she makes us work really hard!

exercice 2 :
a)Jerry is such a pain! He wants me to teach him how to roller-blade
b)On top of that, he expects me to play with him all weekend! But I can't! I've got homework to do!
c) And, guess what! My parents make me tidy up his room  because "he's too little"

exercice 3 :
a)Sonia can go out late. She doesn't have to help with the housework. She doesn't have to watch her baby sister and her parents let her spend her Sunday in bed.
Sonia is very lucky! ...

exercice 4 : 
Sean's parents don't let him spend hours playing video games. He must do the washing-up and he is not allowed to invite friends on weekdays. On top of that, his parents expect him to help around the house. Poor Sean!! 

Voilà !! ;) 
tien à dire c'est parfait Oketa, PizziX, fais lui confiance!!!!!!!
Mercii! ^^
Derien et merci sa ma beaucoup aidé !!!