Aidez mois svp. Rédiger un paragraphe de journal intime
Raconte une situation de harcèlement
3 rôle possible : witner:témoins bully: le méchant et le victim
Expliquer le problème ,la réaction, la solution
Urgent ses pour demain aider moi svp



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A big girl bullies me at school. I feel scared. She is always kiking me or slapping me. She"s always following me way back home. I'm hurt because the big girl says everybody hate me. I feel worthless because the big girl says I'm stupid and ugly. She makes me steal or cheat. I'm angry I feel alone and depressed, I don't want to go to school anymore!
Then I tell my parents or the police
mais il faut ke y'a un témoin
The witness say that he saw the big girl bullying her. First, she shoves her, slaps her and hitting her. He says that in the quad, she leaves her out of activities. At lunchtime, she threaten her and sprdad rumors!
spread rumors*
j'ai rien. compris