1- Raconte quatre petits incidents en quatres longues phrases à l'aide des éléments suivants :

a) The Evans- drive to london- run out of petrol

b) This morning- Harris - jog- in the park - meet- old school friend

c) Last Friday- at the office- Meg- read a magazine - Sean and Matthew - play cards- boss- come in

d) At the Sam's birthday party- last night- Sue- dance- Sam and Sally - chat - a fire - break out

Merci pour votre aide ^^



Meilleure réponse !

a) One Sunday evening, the Evans drive to London. After a few hours of road, Madam Evans asks her husband if he verified the car. Her husband answers her that there is no problem when suddenly the car ran out of petrol.

b) This morning harris went to jog in park. While he passed in front of a restaurant to join the park he met some old friend of school and he decided to have a coffee with them.

c) Last Friday night at the office, Meg read a fashion magazine, Sean and Mathew was playing cards when suddenly their boss came in

d) At the Sam's birthdy party, last night, Sue was dancing with her boy friend while Sam and Sally were chatting about the new James Bond when a fire broke out.