bonjour, pouvez vous décrire l'image en pièce jointe en faisant des phrases simples (environ 10 lignes) svp et en utilisant les mots ci dessous:
global warming
cracked earth
polar bear
greenhouse gas
be endangered

On This fictitious Picture I can see a polar bear in front of a skinny man probably starve. In the last plan we can see that there are any clouds in the sky and in the first plan there is cracked earth. This picture is a warning for us, it’s show us a form of global warming and the consequences of the pollution and greenhouse gas. So we can imagine too the polar bear is endangered because of all this.
Voila en esperant t'avoir aider =)


In the document I can see the polar bear and the skinny man in the foreground. In the background there are not sky because the greenhouse gas have death the world. The planet is defective because the polution and other problem are caused damage. For example the global warming is endangered for the atmosphere of the earth. the polar bear is in the drought land because the ice is melt. He is starve therefore the polar bear not are in the ice continent and is in the drought land for search meat.