bonjour, pouvez vous décrire l'image en pièce jointe en faisant des phrases simples (environ 10 lignes)et en utilisant les mots si dessous:

man's evolution

oil spill

nuclear waste


chimney stack


rubbish dump


merci beaucoup!



This document is a picture (identifier le doc)
we can see a man in the center at the right of this pichture we can see the man's evolution from the first animal to the humanity.At the laft of the picture we can see a car where there is a nuclear plant which is rejecting a lots of fumes, nuclear waste and i'ts a big chimney stack at the left of the nuclear plant there is a petrol's factory which spilled oil on the beach.(decri)
All this things on  the car is threaten the earth and spills her of rubbish dump so take care of your planets. (analyse)