Bonjour, pouvez vous m'aider à répondre a ces questions svp c'est tres urgent !!
1/ how did hydrogen form ?
2/ how did oxygen form ?
3/ Why is there so much water on Earth ?
4/ What is the difference between the VLT ( very large telescope) and the future E-ELT ,
5/ Where are they located ?
6/ What do astrophysicists using the E-ELT hope to find?
7/ Explain why it is important for a country to have a leading -edge astronomical technology ?
8/ What can we learn by studying the sun's radio emission ?
9/ Can any the NRT instruments discover exoplanets ? Why ?



Meilleure réponse !
1)The atom of hydrogen is the simplest atom which is: he(it) consists only of a proton associated with an electron. It is also the most present atom in the universe, because he(it) represents approximately 92 % of his(its) atoms and 70 % of his(its) mass.
3)There is so much water on earth(ground) because The hydrogen, him, is in abundance in the universe. He(it) represents with the helium more than 99 % of the atoms of the universe. He(it) was trained(formed) by captation of an electron (loaded(charged) negatively) by a proton (loaded(charged) postivement).

For the oxygen it is more complicated... It is necessary to know that all the atoms of the universe were trained(formed) in stars from the hydrogen. Hey yes!
4) La différence d'une magnitude la différence de marche
5) Ils sont situés au Chili le E-ELT est précisément situé à Cerro Armazones dans le désert d'atacama et le VLT est à Cerro Paranal dans le désert d'Atacama aussi .
6)They hope to find advances(overhangs) significant in of numerous domain, it is has to say answers has questions or answers has hypotheses.
The astronomers so so hope to study the environment of stars in training(formation) and to open new windows on the exit(release) of the dark Ages.
Pour le reste je suis désolé g pas trouver