Pour tout ce qui est mythes, tu peux parler de l’Iliade et L'Odyssée qui sont des mythes plutôt connus et dans la section héros, tu as l’embarras du choix, par exemple: Ulysse, Hercule, Achille, etc. Voilà, j'espère t'avoir aidée. 
Meilleure réponse !
J'ai déjà traité ce sujet. voici ce que j'ai écrit :

Tu dois avant tout dégager une problématique intéressante afin de rendre ton oral intéressant pour l’examinateur qui voit passer, tous les jours, des dizaines de candidats qui recrachent le même discours. Si tu te montres un peu plus subtile que la moyenne, tu auras une meilleure note. Je te propose un plan détaillé de type dissertation.


First of all, we have to define these two concepts.  The word myth derives from the ancient Greek word mythos which means legend, but nowadays we use this word much more loosely, referring to a traditional story concerning the history of a people, a natural or social phenomenon. The word hero also has Greek roots and meant “demi-god”, a person with superhuman abilities accomplishing extraordinary achievements. The definition has evolved and now refers to a person who is admired for his courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.

Hence (= thus) we these common words are rooted in the history of early societies and often are related to each other. If myths and heroes are present in many societies, they probably have different specificities depending on the cultures they are anchored in. By analyzing the term, myth and hero, we will try to answer the following question: if every society has its own heroes and myths but what are their purpose? Do they represent society's values and concerns?


The Founding Myths

Great Britain: the Arthurian legends,
- The USA: the Pilgrim Fathers, the origin of Thanksgiving, the Constitution -       the American Frontier period (conquest of western territories)  

II. Myths and Heroes as factor of social cohesion
the American dream: the rags to riches myth

2) the Cow-boy’s myth    
4) The patriots (the concept became stronger after the 11th September)
3) The self-made man (entreupreneurs, singers, actors, rappers,...) 

III. The subversive Hero
the Road trip in the American folklore; the movie Easy Riders (Dennis Hopper, 1969), On the road (novel from Jack Kerouac)

2) Heroes (or anti-heroes) fighting against the system to gain their freedom and to reach their aspirations : Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise  

IV. The superhero in the American folklore
- Captain America as the model of American heroes fighting for the Good (american propaganda)
- Batman : the dark hero but struggling for justice
From the early 20th century, superheroes appeared and a mythology has been created (Marvel, DC Comics, …). Everyone is dreaming about becoming stronger, more powerful and famous. The American comics expresses these common aspirations.